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Groove systems enable sales teams to address the challenges presented during each stage of the sales cycle through a combination of process automation, guided selling, and quote management.

With the Groove system you can automate the entire quote-to-cash process by pre-programming custom rules for bulk discounts, approvals, customisations, and more.

Once a sales representative initiates the sales process, Groove places “guardrails” around them to ensure that they operate within the specific set of rules your company has established for pricing, discounting, approvals, and so on. This enables your sales team to be more agile and can help streamline the sales cycle.

Deciding whether you should purchase CPQ software isn’t an exact science; that said, there are a few key indicators that Groove might be a smart investment for your business. Groove is right for you if:


  • Your product or service has a complicated pricing model .
  • Your product or pricing information is outdated .
  • It takes your sales team days to put together a quote .
  • Your sales team struggles to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities .
  • You lack visibility into your sales process .
  • You experience a high degree of manual errors in your sales process .
  • Your current quoting functionality no longer meets your needs.
  • You require usage-based billing capabilities.

Groove does “solution engineering” for emerging and popular service offerings using domain experts.


During on-boarding of each product we validate the design and setup your parameters:


  • Only valid technical configurations are possible.
  • All modules (and products) are validated by our design engineers before they are published.
  • Vendor libraries with specifications and pictures.
  • You do the product management:
    1. Remove the options you don’t want to sell.
    2. Name, brand and provide content for the items in the solution.
    3. Configure and maintain the pricing.
  • You approve commercials before they are published.

Standard access products with coverage maps are supported by default within Groove. Coverage is handled a few ways:


GIS teams will work with you to ingest data about your infrastructure and service coverage. Our GIS backend can handle all common coverage-data formats. It’s quick and easy!

Groove will integrate with your Geospatial database or server.

In the case where the infrastructure provider (owner of the network) has no relationship with Groove, public domain coverage data may be used (manual coverage scraping from public websites) to empower partners of this provider.

The first step to any successful CPQ implementation is to understand your sales team and its needs. Before kickstarting your project, you need to solicit feedback from your sales reps to learn what pain points they’re experiencing and what they hope to achieve with a CPQ solution, so your implementation partner knows what to focus on.

A truly qualified implementation partner will go the extra mile to take this responsibility by working directly with your sales team to get a better understanding of what capabilities would best enable it to perform at the highest level.

The second — but no less vital — piece is to know your customer. From where in the world they’re located to which channels they use to shop, having a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ preferences and a view into their buying habits will give you an idea of how to configure your products and services so they move at a higher volume. From there, you can identify dependencies and build custom approval workflows within Groove to optimise your sales cycle.

The final key to a successful Groove implementation is to invest in proper training for your sales team, which the Groove team provides for free.

Enterprise telecom simplified

Groove helps sales teams save time and effort by automating significant parts of the quote generation process.
This efficiency saves companies money and human resources and can drive greater client satisfaction – ultimately boosting profitability.

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